TBC Crafters 19 – Buttons & Beads Necklace

Sorry that I am late but it is 9:45pm PST and I still have time for my TBC Crafters Hop Thursday craft. My kids are having their Spring Break and they won’t sleep as early as normal. It leaves me so little “ME” time for doing my stuff, of course including my craft project. Originally, I wanted to make an Easter bunny for my girl. Then, I saw my buttons… yes, my so many unmatched colorful buttons…plus the beads that I picked up with my daughter in Goodwill some time ago. This is a necklace using buttons and beads in a fun, free way.

 photo P1170295-1_zpsbd27428a.jpg

Materials needed: –

40 Buttons of various colors and sizes

12 Beads of either different colors or the same color

1 piece of 1/8″ wide ribbon

1 center pendant or slider

 photo P1170285-1_zpsafd0c447.jpg

Instructions: –

1) Arrange the pendant or slider in the middle of the ribbon necklace, then add 2 pieces of beads on each side.

2) Pull 10 buttons through the ribbon on each side, followed by 2 beads, then 10 more buttons on each side and finally another 2 beads each side.

 photo P1170291-1_zpsc5c23cc9.jpg

3) Tie a knot at the 2 ends of ribbon and put in 1 bead from each side, then tie another knot to secure. Remember to heat seal the 2 ends of the ribbon by running a lighter close by it.

 photo P1170293-1_zps7bfdb927.jpg

It is a fun and easy the little children can do it. The beauty is that you can arrange the buttons and beads with a pattern or you can do it totally by random. My girl is sitting next to me doing her own drawing project and wearing this necklace when I am typing this blog post. I really want to have the hourglass stops at this moment and it is just sweet and so self-satisfactory watching my girl drawing like I did when I was her age.

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8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 19 – Buttons & Beads Necklace

  1. roseapowell

    I just adore your button creations! I bought some buttons, used them for a craft that I made for my sister, nothing as detailed as yours at all, but its a start for sure! I’ll probably share it next week.


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