TBC Crafters 18 – Ribbon Wrapped Headband

Crafty Thursday again! Time really flies and it is officially Spring now. The flowers blossom and the Spring Break is around the corner. Originally, I have ordered some rabbit embellishments and ruffle flowers. I was thinking to make an Easter craft. When I looked through my craft supplies treasures, I found some plain headbands and of course, I have tons of ribbons (good enough to wrap around my apartment hundreds of times!). Suddenly, I remember the ribbon wrapped headbands that I have seen in Facebook and YouTube before. I decided to make one for my little girly stuff lover. I watched a few of videos in YouTube but still not really figure out how. Well, working on the real stuff really help me to click. No more than 10 minutes, I was half way done and this is my first ribbon wrapped headband for my little sweetie.

 photo P1170256-1_zps47f2ac27.jpg

Materials needed:

A plain plastic headband (I used 3/4″ wide one)

4 x 3 feet long 3/8″ wide ribbons of various colors/patterns

Double-side adhesive tapes


Step-by-step instructions:

1) Heat seal each side of the ribbons (always do that when you use ribbons to craft, this is basic) and stick the 4 strips of ribbons together in a pattern of a “cross).

 photo P1170246-1_zpscf2f26ff.jpg

2) Use double-side adhesive tape to fix the ribbon “cross” at the back of one tip of the headband. I would use the color of the ribbon to explain the following procedures.

 photo P1170249-1_zps2e3221f4.jpg

3) Start knitting the ribbons and wrap them around the headband. First of all, fold the lime ribbon down and wrap around the headband.

 photo P1170250-1_zpsaa33d475.jpg

4) Then, fold red dotted ribbon down and cover the green one, then wrap around the headband.

 photo P1170251-1_zps34e34bcc.jpg

5) Then, fold the aqua one on top of the red dotted ribbon. Finally, pull the pink dotted one on top of the aqua one and wrap it around the headband.

 photo P1170252-1_zpsbc00ade3.jpg

6) You can see a pattern that the lime and aqua appear in alternative in the middle of the headband. They are the ones at the right hand side at the beginning and the 2 dotted ribbons appear alternative at the 2 sides of the headband.

 photo P1170253-1_zpsb1d19a25.jpg

7) Finally, reserve 1/2″ of the ribbons and cut them at the end of the headband. Using double-side adhesive tapes to secure the end. Wrap 2 pieces of ribbons on both ends of the headbands to hind the imperfectness.

I was thinking to add the ribbon embellishment or ruffle flower that I have but the headband itself is so colorful. Adding more element would definitely distraction. You can make a unique headband for yourself or your little girl with different combination of ribbons.

Do you have a craft that you love so much? Do you want to share your crafty idea? Come join us in Thursday TBC Crafters Hop. Add a link to your blog post in the linky below after you’ve left a comment on this post and add this button to your blog post!”


8 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 18 – Ribbon Wrapped Headband

  1. roseapowell

    Ah, like a french braid, this looks a bit complicated to me, not enough to deter me though. But I love the color combination. I do have one question though, you mention, heat sealing the ribbon, how do you do that?

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      It is more simple than a French braid but needs a bit of effort to figure it out the pattern. Heat sealing the ribbon is easy, just run a lighter quickly below the 2 ends of the ribbons. You can see the shabby ends melt a bit so it has to be fast to avoid burning the ribbon.


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