TBC Crafters 17 – Feltie Magnet Butterfly

It is such a busy week! I did not have much time and inspiration at the beginning of the week. All a sudden, I saw some magnet sticks which were taken off from some magnetic badges before. I added a cute felt butterfly to create new life for these magnets. It just needs a bit of sewing and simple decoration.

 photo P1170114-1_zps31ef8d43.jpg

Materials needed:

A sheet of felt, choose the color that you like

2 pieces of pearl beads

Needle and threads

 photo P1170103-1_zps22a8325c.jpg

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Cut 2 pieces of felt in the shape of butterfly and they need to be the same size.

 photo P1170104-1_zpsda8673f0.jpg

2) Use needle and thread to stitch the 2 pieces of felt butterfly together and make a pocket.

3) Before to close the butterfly, stuck a piece of magnet inside and add some batting into it, then use needle and thread to stitch the pocket closed completely.

 photo P1170105-1_zps4b8923e0.jpg

4) Add the 2 pearl beads on top of the butterfly as the eyes. I used needle and threads. It is fine use glue too.

 photo P1170109-1_zps9c2b17fc.jpg

 photo P1170115-1_zps5ab75c7b.jpg


** Add a throng clip at the back to make a butterfly hair clip

** Add a pin set at the back to make a butterfly brooch

** Sew it on a shirt or tote bag to make personalized clothes and accessories

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12 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 17 – Feltie Magnet Butterfly

  1. roseapowell

    Now that’s adorable and fun… I can see a felt shape for each holiday or season… Those are going to be fun to make!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      Thank you. I am planning to make some others already. My daughter loves stars, flowers and my son wants planes and cars. Your idea is great, holiday and seasonal shapes.

  2. Jamie

    How cute!! I remember making something like that for my Mom when I was about 8 or so and I forgot to put the dumb magnet inside, so I just glued it to the back :-p She even still has that thing this many years later!! Love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      Thanks Rebecca. It just takes a lot of practices and time. I usually am being tempted to do it fast but I try hard to tell myself to stitch slowly and little by little.


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