TBC Crafters 16 – Hand Rolled Paper Rose

Hello, Thursday again and it is time for my craft project of TBC Crafters Hop.

My sister-in-law’s birthday is on this coming Sunday. I decide to make a DIY birthday card to her on behalf of my kids. Since her name is Rose, I want to use this as a theme of the card. I use some scrapbook paper to make a paper rose. There are no complicated steps and no need to use template, just paper, pencil and a pair of scissors.

 photo P1170015-1_zps67f7cd40.jpg


Color paper

A pair of scissors

Pencil / canyon

Step by step instructions:

1) Use pencil to draw a circle on a piece of color paper lightly.

 photo P1170006-1_zps36f9c9a2.jpg

2) Use canyon to outline a swirl shape, based on the circle that drawn earlier.

 photo P1170009-1_zps64f82cf6.jpg

3) Cut the swirl out. Roll the paper from the outer to inner to form a paper rose.

 photo P1170010-1_zps0b8fd0de.jpg

 photo P1170012-1_zps4fead2dc.jpg

4) Put some glue on one side of the paper and stick that side of paper on the end of the paper scrap.

 photo P1170014-1_zpscc80e6c3.jpg

This is the 3-fold card I made. The paper rose is the center of a flower on the cover. It is a 3-fold card and it stands when I open the card. I also use flower-printed ribbon and stickers.

 photo P1170021-1_zps51089054.jpg

 photo P1170029-1_zps53ff9411.jpg

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