TBC Crafters 13 – Valentine’s Button Flowers

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I would like do something to celebrate this romantic day. What women would usually like —– flowers. And what I have used the most for crafts……of course, ribbons and buttons. I am using these 2 materials to create a bunch of Valentine’s Button Flowers. This craft idea is very simple and original. You can even make it with your young kids at home.


Ingredients needed: –


Pipe Cleaners (I bought them from Daiso for $1.5 per 100 stripes, choose the short ones, not the long ones, unless your buttons are very big, otherwise, they would look off-balance)

Buttons of different sizes, colors and shapes

A piece of Ribbon of whatever width and color


Optional for making flowers with a vase: –

A toilet paper roll

A piece of color paper that uses for making origami

Glue or double-size adhesive tape

Step-by-Step instructions: –

1) Arrange 3 buttons of different colors and sizes in layers, smallest on top and the biggest at the bottom.


2) Pull a strap of pipe cleaner through the holes of the 3 layers of buttons, then twist the top part of the pipe cleaner (about 1″ in length) and pull back through the holes.


3) Pull the buttons all the way to the top and then twist the end part of the pipe cleaner to secure the position of the buttons and a flower is done.


4) Make a bunch and then secure them with a strap of satin ribbon and tie a ribbon bow. You can hand this bunch of flowers to your loved ones, they are just unique and lovely.


5) You can also use a toilet paper roll wrapped with a piece of color origami paper as a vase, then tie a ribbon bow in the middle and put the bunch of button flowers in it.


Wish you all have a wonderful and sweet Valentine’s Day! Remember to tell your beloved one how much you love them right the way and enjoy being loved.

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10 thoughts on “TBC Crafters 13 – Valentine’s Button Flowers

  1. roseapowell

    I just love all of your button crafts and this one is no exception! I love the button floral bouquet, I think my eldest daughter would have a blast making these !!! She’s become rather creative lately. She might become a permanent on my blog! Refresh my memory, have you shared where you get your buttons. I’m thinking I’m ready to take a try at creating a button craft! 🙂

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      So glad that you like my button crafts. This one is so far my favorite. My kids keep staring at them and ask for giving them out to their friends. I personally like the bouquet more than using a handmade paper vase too. BTW, I bought my buttons with discounts from Oriental Trading after Christmas. They are like hundreds with different sizes in a bag. I picked up 4 bags of different color combination and shapes for making crafts and sewing. Looking forwards to your button craft!


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