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TBC Crafters 15 – DIY Candies

Anyone playing Candy Crash (show Candy Crush in some apps or game sites) now? I have so many friends who are so addicted to it and play all day all night long. Honestly speaking, the concept and even the game itself is not new. There were Zookeeper, Jewels, Zuem before using the concept. But, maybe because of the popularity of mobile phone games that helps to create this Candy Crash tornado. For mobile application, the highest level is now 215 (heard that it has been updated recently) and it is over Level 300 if you play on desktop. I admit that I am addicted too but not as crazy as my friends. I am now at Level 62 and won’t play everyday now.

When I was brainstorming myself on what to make for this Thursday TBC Crafters Hop, I suddenly remember that I have made ribbon and fabric candies before. So, I pulled out my craft supplies and made these 2 loveys – hard (soft actually) candy and lollipops.

 photo P1160976-1_zpsf9f8a808.jpg

Ingredients: –

Hard candy – a piece of fabric (I used 3″ x 4″ cotton fabric), some batting, needle and threads

Lollipop – 3 pieces of ribbons (you can use more if you want) of different colors and about 12″ in length each (one of them needs to be about 1/2″ longer than the others), some double-side adhesive tape or rolling tape or even fabric glue or hot glue

 photo P1160961-1_zps30d57d18.jpg

Step by step instructions for hard candy: –

1) Cut out a piece of fabric of 3″ W x 4″ L in size, run a line of stitches at the reverse side of the fabric to form a cube. Then, sew the top of the cube and reverse the fabric to form a little long pocket.

 photo P1160963-1_zps3733e95b.jpg

 photo P1160966-1_zpse9bf278f.jpg

2) Run a line of stitches at about 1/4 part of the pocket and pull the thread to gather the fabric, then wrap the thread around that part a few times and tie a knot at the back to form one side of the candy wrap.

 photo P1160967-1_zpse9e72102.jpg

3) Put in some batting and then repeat step 2 on the other side of the candy. Use needle and threads to close the bottom of the candy wrap.

 photo P1160969-1_zps331a6486.jpg

Step by step instructions for lollipop: –

1) Heat seal both sides of each ribbon. Use adhesive tape or glue to fix one side of the ribbons together.

 photo P1160970-1_zpsc2791f1c.jpg

2) Roll the ribbons tight to form a wheel and fix the end of the ribbons with tape or glue.

 photo P1160972-1_zps4e9b7a5a.jpg

 photo P1160973-1_zps3ff40198.jpg

These DIY candies can be good decoration of a theme party. Or, you can add clips or headbands to make lovely hair accessories. Or, simply just add to clothes or handbags for personalization.

 photo P1160975-1_zps1fd6e00a.jpg

So long, are you going to join me for the Candy Crash party?

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TBC Crafters 14 – Hair Donut Made with a Sock

Thursday again and it is time for TBC Crafters Hop. This week is a simple one that I up-cycle an sock. I believe that everyone can find a broken sock or a single sock at home. My husband is the laundry man at our home. Lucky me, since I was pregnant with my older one, my husband picked up the responsibility to do laundry. When we have the younger one, I was totally wrapped with her as she won’t let my husband to touch her until she turned 1 years old. Therefore, it was no way that I can take the laundry out and spend an hour or two in the laundromat. And started from then, we have a lot of missing socks. I throw these poor “singles” into a bag when I was folding clothes and “discover” them. Time goes by and I have a full bag of single socks of all kinds. There is very low chance that I can finally find the missing ones and turn the single socks back to pairs.

With a full bag of missing socks, up-cycle is a choice than just throwing them into the trash can. Since I have pretty thick long hair, I sometimes would like to make a bun for convenience. To make a prefect bun with smooth texture would need long and thick hair to create volume. A sock can be used to make a hair donut which would definitely be usefully for making a perfect round bun.



A single sock (prefer the same color of your hair)


A pair of scissors

Step by step instructions:

1) Cut the tip-toe part of the sock with a pair of scissors


2) Roll the sock down and tuck it in shape with the elastic band of the sock


3) Tie a ponytail and put the hair donut through the ponytail. Bend down a bit and then even the hair out on top of the hair donut.


4) Wrap the hair around the hair donut and use bobby pins or hair pins to fix the hair in place to form a perfect round hair bun.


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TBC Crafters 13 – Valentine’s Button Flowers

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I would like do something to celebrate this romantic day. What women would usually like —– flowers. And what I have used the most for crafts……of course, ribbons and buttons. I am using these 2 materials to create a bunch of Valentine’s Button Flowers. This craft idea is very simple and original. You can even make it with your young kids at home.


Ingredients needed: –


Pipe Cleaners (I bought them from Daiso for $1.5 per 100 stripes, choose the short ones, not the long ones, unless your buttons are very big, otherwise, they would look off-balance)

Buttons of different sizes, colors and shapes

A piece of Ribbon of whatever width and color


Optional for making flowers with a vase: –

A toilet paper roll

A piece of color paper that uses for making origami

Glue or double-size adhesive tape

Step-by-Step instructions: –

1) Arrange 3 buttons of different colors and sizes in layers, smallest on top and the biggest at the bottom.


2) Pull a strap of pipe cleaner through the holes of the 3 layers of buttons, then twist the top part of the pipe cleaner (about 1″ in length) and pull back through the holes.


3) Pull the buttons all the way to the top and then twist the end part of the pipe cleaner to secure the position of the buttons and a flower is done.


4) Make a bunch and then secure them with a strap of satin ribbon and tie a ribbon bow. You can hand this bunch of flowers to your loved ones, they are just unique and lovely.


5) You can also use a toilet paper roll wrapped with a piece of color origami paper as a vase, then tie a ribbon bow in the middle and put the bunch of button flowers in it.


Wish you all have a wonderful and sweet Valentine’s Day! Remember to tell your beloved one how much you love them right the way and enjoy being loved.

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TBC Crafters 12 – Red Envelope Goldfish

Yep, it is time for my crafting Thursday. This week, I would up-cycle red envelopes and using my buttons again to make Chinese New Year decor because the Chinese New Year is getting close. But, I am so busy at work that I cannot even have time to prepare festive food for Chinese New Year. My mom used to make turnip cake, brown sugar cake and taro cake. I learned to make sugar pastries and some other types of cakes myself. Yep, we Chinese make various kinds of cakes from stables and they are delicious. If I can find some time this year, I would make some and post the recipes here.

My daughter’s class is going to make a red envelope goldfish. She told me to give her some red envelopes  to bring back to school and she started to talk about the project. I mentioned to her that I know how to make a goldfish using red envelopes. Then, she beg me to make one for her teacher. She just loves her teacher so much that I sometimes feel jealous too. My daughter draws pictures for her teacher almost every day and she will ask me to make goodies bags for her classmates and teachers. What would be better when kid loves her/his school and every person in the school?



6 red envelopes (either all in one size or 3 each of 2 groups of equal sizes for easy working)

2 buttons (suggest 1/2″ in size)

Double-side adhesive tapes and tacky glue

1 strip of ribbon (suggest 1/4″ in width and 6″ in length)

Step-by-step instructions

1) Fold the 2 corners of one side of the red envelope inwards at 45 degrees. And the 2 corners of the other side also fold inwards but leave about 1/3″ inch in the middle. Hence you are not folding at 45 degrees. You need 3 of these.


2) Use the double-side adhesive tapes to connect the corners to form the front of the fish head. You can see why I leave about 1/3″ in the middle of the red envelopes – it forms the little mouth of the goldfish.



3) Before you stick the other side of the red envelopes to form the fish body, prepare the fish tail. Valley fold   halfway of one side of the envelope and then mountain fold it out half over on the top. You need 3 of these too. Just staple the 3 envelopes together on one end and the fishtail is finished.



4) Insert the tail into the fish body and use double-side adhesive tapes to fix it in place. Add Tacky glue to further secure it.

5) Use Tacky glue to stick 2 buttons on the fish head and those are the eyes of the fish.


7) Tie a knot on the ribbon to form a little hanger and use double-side adhesive tape or glue to fix the ribbon on top of the fish body. Use fingers to pull the 3 sides of the fish body to poof it up. And the goldfish is completed.


Choose red envelopes with simpler color and pattern for the fish body and colorful ones for the tail part would make the goldfish more presentable and eye-catching.

My daughter is holding the lovely cute goldfish that she’s going to send to her class teacher.


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