TBC Crafters 10 – Easy Buttons Bracelet

Yep Yep Yep…. buttons again. Well, I have thousands of buttons and really need to make some crafts with them. They are so beautiful and full of possibilities. Last week, I made one buttons necklace for my dear girl and she would love this bracelet too. Again, it is not difficult. For this one, you need a bit of time and sewing technique. To make it more colorful and fun, I added beads, stacked up a few buttons and mixed & matched buttons of various sizes and shapes.


Materials needed:

Buttons of various colors, sizes and shapes

A small piece of ribbon or felt, cut into the length that fit for wrapping around your wrist plus about 2″ in extra

Small pearl beads (about 4mm, depends on the button sizes)

Needles & threads


DIY Steps

1) Cut the ribbon and heat seal both sides. Use scissors to cut a small vertical hole on one side of the ribbon and use needle and thread to make it a button-hole.


2) Sew a button that can fit the button-hole on the other side of the ribbon. Then arrange the rest of the buttons on the ribbon to find the best combination.


3) Use needles and threads to sew button on the ribbon. There is no fix pattern how to sew or match the buttons, totally your own imagination and you can have your unique personalized bracelet.


I stacked up 3 buttons in the middle to form a 3-D focus and use pearl beads on top of some of the buttons to add 3D element to this project.

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