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TBC Crafters 11 – Red Envelope Decor

This week, my craft features in The Blogger Connection hence, I won’t have all the steps here. Instead, I would invite you to visit TBC blog and comment on my newest craft. It is a Chinese New Year decor that upcycling old used red envelopes. You can use brand new ones but I would prefer some nice used one as upcycle or recycle is what I really like to give a 2nd life to these used stuff.

Link to my post in The Blogger Connection:


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TBC Crafters 10 – Easy Buttons Bracelet

Yep Yep Yep…. buttons again. Well, I have thousands of buttons and really need to make some crafts with them. They are so beautiful and full of possibilities. Last week, I made one buttons necklace for my dear girl and she would love this bracelet too. Again, it is not difficult. For this one, you need a bit of time and sewing technique. To make it more colorful and fun, I added beads, stacked up a few buttons and mixed & matched buttons of various sizes and shapes.


Materials needed:

Buttons of various colors, sizes and shapes

A small piece of ribbon or felt, cut into the length that fit for wrapping around your wrist plus about 2″ in extra

Small pearl beads (about 4mm, depends on the button sizes)

Needles & threads


DIY Steps

1) Cut the ribbon and heat seal both sides. Use scissors to cut a small vertical hole on one side of the ribbon and use needle and thread to make it a button-hole.


2) Sew a button that can fit the button-hole on the other side of the ribbon. Then arrange the rest of the buttons on the ribbon to find the best combination.


3) Use needles and threads to sew button on the ribbon. There is no fix pattern how to sew or match the buttons, totally your own imagination and you can have your unique personalized bracelet.


I stacked up 3 buttons in the middle to form a 3-D focus and use pearl beads on top of some of the buttons to add 3D element to this project.

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TBC Crafters 9 – Easy Buttons Necklace

Yes, buttons again. Well, I have bought thousands of buttons from Oriental Trading lately when there was sale and am tempted to use them to make beautiful craft pieces. This week, I made an easy buttons necklace. No tool is needed, absolutely none. What I used are only buttons and a piece of ribbon trimming that was given as gift when I ordered fabric from an outlet store. Don’t ask me how much I have ordered. I can only tell you that my hubby is not happy to see all my inventory. Without upset him (well, I always do, sigh~), I hind my stuff in different corners in home. I don’t know how much he has discovered when I was off for overseas in December. When I came home, he just said, “Honey, we really need to clean up and toss all the stuff of no use. We need more space.” Yes Yes Yes, I do need more space for my lovely stuff.

Back to the craft this week, first of all what I need, again just buttons and a piece of ribbon.


Buttons (I used 3 different sizes, 1 x 1-1/4″, 6 x 1″ and 6 x 3/4″, you can use whatever sizes you want)

A piece of ribbon trimming, 1/8″ in width (thin enough to go through the holes of the buttons)


Steps to craft

1) Line up the buttons in the sequences of the biggest button in the middle, then 3 smaller ones on each side and the smallest ones follow on each side.


2) Pull the ribbon through the button holes, starts from the smallest button to the middle of the necklace.


3) Pull the ribbon through the biggest button from both sides and the necklace is basically finished.


You can wear it just like this and the best part is that you can adjust the length to whatever you like easily.


Or, you can wear it shorter by tying a bow at the back of the biggest button. And it looks more girly this way too.



#TBCCrafters 8 – Party Guest Place Card

I have been out-of-town for almost 2 weeks, not accessible to computer (seems unbelievable, right? I cannot believe it either). Everything was delayed and there were so much hiccups for my trip: delayed baggage, missed stuff, father being hospitalized in the trip, forced to change flight schedule….you name it, I had it. (Sigh~) Wish that 2013 would be of better luck.

This Saturday, my husband and I would throw a party for my father-in-law for his 80th birthday. We will have 5 tables in a restaurant. My father-in-law is very traditional type of person and there are many requirements we have to be careful during our planning of this party. From choice of restaurant, place, menu, parking accessibility, day in the week to use of color tone on the invitation cards, we need to think not just twice but multiple times to make sure that everything has been well considered of. Since it is a once in a lifetime experience, I would like to make a nice guest place card for each table. Color tone has to be red and gold in main based on the traditional Chinese culture but I don’t want to make it too old-fashioned. Luckily, I have ordered some crafting materials during Christmas sale and would be suitable for making this personalized project.

P1160459_zpsf72aa218 P1160459_zpsf72aa218.jpg


Scrapbook papers

Ribbons of various colors and patterns

Buttons of various sizes

Double side adhesive tapes


P1160445_zpsf28886ab P1160445_zpsf28886ab.jpg

Steps to complete

1) Cut out 2 pieces of paper of different colors/patterns. The one at the back (the dotted red one) is 1/2″ wider and longer each side of the one in the front (the golden-yellow one). Use adhesive tape to stick the two pieces of paper together.

P1160446_zps46fa1fcf P1160446_zps46fa1fcf.jpg

2) Cut a piece of ribbon 1″ longer than the width of the place card, use double side adhesive tape to stick it on the bottom part of the card. Wrap the extra ribbon and stick it at the back of the card.

3) Write down the guest names on left hand side of the card. On the right hand side, arrange buttons of different sizes to form a pattern like a bunch of flowers and glue them on the paper card. Finish with a ribbon bow with tails below the bunch of button flowers. Use double side adhesive tape to fix the ribbon bow firmly.

P1160460_zps6e9c5036 P1160460_zps6e9c5036.jpg

It is a project that kids can also take part. Personalized cards express my craft enthusiasm and care of my family. Wish my father in law longevity and happiness.

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