#TBCCrafters 7 – DIY Keychain

So wrapped with holiday stuff this week and am preparing to be out for 2 weeks in overseas. It is Dec 21 already and glad that it is not the end of the world. Well, I never believe that anyway. I have tons to do towards the festive seasons. Preparing gifts is one of the big ones. I have bunch of keys to carry and would like to organize them for different usages – office keys for myself, room key of my managers, my house keys, my parents’ house keys, my in-laws’ house keys, etc. So, I am never get tired to have new key chain. This time, I would like to share a DIY idea of key chain which would be good to use as sock stuffer.



A 1″ bolt-snap hook (I bought some from a wholesaler in Hong Kong via its website. You can find it easily in etsy too)

2 x 3/8″ ribbon (one 5.5″ and 2.5″ this time)

1 x 7/8″ ribbon (5.5″ long)

A resin or button

Threads and needle

Double-side adhesive tape

All purpose glue


How to make it?

1) Use the double-side adhesive tape to tape the 5.5″ long 3/8″ ribbon on top of the 7/8″ ribbon.

2) Insert the ribbon into the bolt-snap hook and fold the ribbons over, then sew together at the end. Flip over the ribbon to the other side and pull the part with the stitches close to the hook.

3) Use the 2.5″ long 3/8″ to cover the stitches. Sew one end towards one side of the key chain ribbon to secure.

4) Then wrap the 2.5″ ribbon around and use glue to fix the end of the ribbon. Put a resin and glue it on top to cover up the ribbon.


Variation: Use fabric to match with ribbon.

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