#TBCCrafters 6 – Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas

It is a simple and cute gift wrapping idea for TBC Crafters Hop Thursday, particularly useful for preparing for holiday season. The materials needed are very simple and easy to find. I would recommend to wrap the gift with plain color paper, not wrapping paper with patterns because the idea itself would create unique pattern instead.

Materials needed:

Some colorful Chinese knotting beading thread cords, cut each cord about 3 times the width/length of the gift box, depends on how you want to tie the cords

Some colorful beads

First of all, wrapped the box with some plain color paper. I used white here for easy demonstration.

Secondly, cut the cords and put them underneath the box. Insert one bead on each side of each cord . Hold all the cords and tie them together to form a knot at the middle of the box. Double knot is necessary to secure the cords. Arrange the cords and beads to show each of them.

You can replace Chinese knotting beading thread cords with yarns, thin ribbons and also, you can use charms instead of beads for decoration.

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20 thoughts on “#TBCCrafters 6 – Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      I got them from ebay, type in Chinese knotting thread or beading cord, you should find a bunch. Using yarns are good if you knit or crochet. However, these Chinese knotting threads are usually smooth and shinny which make it more presentable. I use these to make Chinese knots for decoration and clothing accessories.

  1. Mary

    This is a cute idea for a present. Especially for my neice who loves to make bracelets like these. She could even re-use the gift wrap!

  2. roseapowell

    Ah, yes, I can totally see my girls oohing and ahing about it, they’d be hesitant at first to even open the package! What a neat idea! I think I’ll be using this for my nieces as well!

  3. Niki

    Wonderful internet site I must say! I’ll definitely save it for future reference. I like the fact that I am able to get useful information from your site. I’m
    thankful that you took your time to share.

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