#TBCCrafters 5 – Button Hair Ties

Well, if you have a daughter and she is such adorable (every kid is lovely and simply the best in the eyes of mom), you will understand why a mom would always want to dress her up. My daughter is a tough girl but she likes to be girly. She just loves all kinds of girly things; ribbons, flowers, butterfly, fairy, princess, stars, Hello Kitty and all kinds of things in purple and pink…. She has long hair and so do I. We have tons of hair accessories at home. I used to buy them but just fell in love making them recently. One of my friends who have 2 daughters, 11 and 2, made some button hair ties recently. I borrow her idea and made some this week. We have the similar tastes and both make things for daughters. It’s really amazing to find a friend with the same hobby and share the same creative dream. I have been thinking to start a business to sell my stuff but my friend has planned the same thing and she is almost there. Oh, forget to mention, we know each other through internet and we have never met but just like found a lost sister after so many years. She does not have a blog, so I cannot link or publish her photos but I will show how to make these button hair ties in this week’s project.

What you need are some metal button tools which include fabric cover buttons, button back (mine contain wire shank), button assembly tool (a 2 pieces plastic tool), fabric cover button template (optional), some fabric (ribbon of wider size is good too) and some elastic. I bought my button tools from http://www.etsy.com, type in “cover button tool” or “fabric button tool” and you can find a lot of sellers with different options and price ranges. I picked up the 7/8″ one, size 36. Size of buttons range from 1/2″ to 1-7/8″, depends on how big you want the button to be. A bigger one can be used as a button pin too. I would recommend a size not too small. Otherwise, it is hard to see the pattern if you are using some printed fabric.

Steps to assembly:

1) Cut out a piece of fabric/ribbon which is bigger than the button. Using a button template is easier, especially if you are working with printed fabric. You can “estimate” how the button will look like.


2) Put the fabric on top of the bottom of the clear plastic assembly tool, press in the cover button.

3) Grab all the fabric outside the button tool and stuck in the middle of the tool and then press in the button back with the little pink cap on top until you hear a “pop” sound which means that the button back has already attached into the button cover. Basically, it almost finishes.

4) Tie an elastic band through the wire on the button back and it is done. No more than 5 minutes, a unique button hair tie is ready to use.

There are tons of variations by using different fabrics/ribbons, solid…printed…bigger ones…small ones…hair ties…hair pins…whatever you can think of. Then, your sweetie will have many little buttons to match with their clothes everyday.

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15 thoughts on “#TBCCrafters 5 – Button Hair Ties

  1. roseapowellR

    These look awesome, I love hair ties, all different kinds, I love color coordinating with outfits, it really does something for the hairstyle. Love this craft, I can totally see myself doing this. Thank you for sharing the step by step. I’m only confused about one part, what type of elastic band did you use and how did you affix it to the button?

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      I bought the elastic at Daiso, just like dollar shop but sells all stuff cheap from Japan. There are 2 strings of elastic in one pack, 2 feet long each and $1.5 each pack. I just cut out about 5-6 inch for each hair tie, pull one end through the wire shank of the button back, then tie a small knot. You can use the elastic bands but would recommend a thinner one for easy handling. I like the pack of elastic strings from Daiso as I can cut the length I want. However, the one I bought from is totally out of stock now and need to look for other source. Let me know if you still have questions and I can take some more pictures to show the procedures if you need.

  2. Mary

    I used to make these for my daughter. Thanks for reminding me.. . I should make some more since we’ve already lost all the old ones.

    1. Mag@GirlyCreation Post author

      I thought so too until my friend showed it to me. After I received my order of buttons and tool, I played a little bit and now I’m an expert, done in seconds. You should definitely try, plenty of usages and options of these buttons. Cheers.


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