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#TBCCrafters 7 – DIY Keychain

So wrapped with holiday stuff this week and am preparing to be out for 2 weeks in overseas. It is Dec 21 already and glad that it is not the end of the world. Well, I never believe that anyway. I have tons to do towards the festive seasons. Preparing gifts is one of the big ones. I have bunch of keys to carry and would like to organize them for different usages – office keys for myself, room key of my managers, my house keys, my parents’ house keys, my in-laws’ house keys, etc. So, I am never get tired to have new key chain. This time, I would like to share a DIY idea of key chain which would be good to use as sock stuffer.



A 1″ bolt-snap hook (I bought some from a wholesaler in Hong Kong via its website. You can find it easily in etsy too)

2 x 3/8″ ribbon (one 5.5″ and 2.5″ this time)

1 x 7/8″ ribbon (5.5″ long)

A resin or button

Threads and needle

Double-side adhesive tape

All purpose glue


How to make it?

1) Use the double-side adhesive tape to tape the 5.5″ long 3/8″ ribbon on top of the 7/8″ ribbon.

2) Insert the ribbon into the bolt-snap hook and fold the ribbons over, then sew together at the end. Flip over the ribbon to the other side and pull the part with the stitches close to the hook.

3) Use the 2.5″ long 3/8″ to cover the stitches. Sew one end towards one side of the key chain ribbon to secure.

4) Then wrap the 2.5″ ribbon around and use glue to fix the end of the ribbon. Put a resin and glue it on top to cover up the ribbon.


Variation: Use fabric to match with ribbon.

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#TBCCrafters 6 – Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas

It is a simple and cute gift wrapping idea for TBC Crafters Hop Thursday, particularly useful for preparing for holiday season. The materials needed are very simple and easy to find. I would recommend to wrap the gift with plain color paper, not wrapping paper with patterns because the idea itself would create unique pattern instead.

Materials needed:

Some colorful Chinese knotting beading thread cords, cut each cord about 3 times the width/length of the gift box, depends on how you want to tie the cords

Some colorful beads

First of all, wrapped the box with some plain color paper. I used white here for easy demonstration.

Secondly, cut the cords and put them underneath the box. Insert one bead on each side of each cord . Hold all the cords and tie them together to form a knot at the middle of the box. Double knot is necessary to secure the cords. Arrange the cords and beads to show each of them.

You can replace Chinese knotting beading thread cords with yarns, thin ribbons and also, you can use charms instead of beads for decoration.

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Midnight Cafe – Egg Sandwiches

The story of egg sandwiches in Shinya Shokudo (Midnight Cafe) was a sad one. Young girl dreamed of being a movie star and she worked towards it when she met a young man in Shinya Shokudo. They always bumped into each other and soon they became closer and closer. However, their career paths did not cross as of their hearts. The young man worked several jobs because his family has a big debt and he needed to help out. The girl became more and more popular and her agent manager asked for her hands. With all the family obligations, young man could not answer the girl with his real passion and he had to let her go as he knew that he could not offer what she wanted and what she deserved to have. At last, the 2 young souls went to 2 different directions but it is just life. If you really love someone, you will do everything to make him/her happy including letting him/her go.

My top-of-mind memory of egg sandwiches is about my childhood. When I was a little kid, my family was really poor and egg sandwiches were something luxurious. Mom could make it when she had time and she added water into the egg mixture so that she could feed more kids (I have 3 siblings). My mom’s recipe is very simple, just a bit of salt, whipped eggs and some oil, cooked in a wok, then “sandwiched” in 2 pieces of bread.


I have made 3 different types of egg sandwiches this time. First one is my mom’s recipe. 1 egg, slightly whipped, add a bit of salt…oil added to the frying pan, then egg, fry until well done. Add the well-done egg on a slice of bread, covered with another one, then cut into half.


The 2nd one is similar to the Japanese Dashi-Maki (thick roll of egg). Firstly, beat the egg with a pinch of salt, slightly whipped to keep the texture of egg white and egg yolk. Add oil in a rectangular shaped frying pan, add egg mixture in, turn the stove to medium low heat and stirring the egg mixture with a pair of chopsticks until one side of the egg starts to set. Roll the egg from one side of the pan to the other side using the chopsticks. Turn the fire to medium and fry both sides of the egg roll until it turns golden. “Sandwiched” the egg roll with 2 pieces of bread and cut off the excess.


The last one is egg salad sandwiches. Cook 2 eggs in a covered pot of cold water until the water boils. Water needs to cover the eggs totally. Keep cooking for another 2 minutes after the water boils, turns off the heat and then let the pot covered for another 5 minutes. Take out the eggs and let them cool down (or you can put them in a bowl of cold water to speed up). Peel off the shell and chop the eggs into small pieces. Add salt, pepper and mayonnaise into the chopped eggs and mix well. Scope the egg mixture on top of a slice of bread and cover with another one. Cut the sandwiches into 2 or 3 pieces. Ready to eat…


There are other options of egg sandwiches. Toast the bread, add tomato slices, add lettuces, add bacon……Just test it out! Enjoy!

#TBCCrafters 5 – Button Hair Ties

Well, if you have a daughter and she is such adorable (every kid is lovely and simply the best in the eyes of mom), you will understand why a mom would always want to dress her up. My daughter is a tough girl but she likes to be girly. She just loves all kinds of girly things; ribbons, flowers, butterfly, fairy, princess, stars, Hello Kitty and all kinds of things in purple and pink…. She has long hair and so do I. We have tons of hair accessories at home. I used to buy them but just fell in love making them recently. One of my friends who have 2 daughters, 11 and 2, made some button hair ties recently. I borrow her idea and made some this week. We have the similar tastes and both make things for daughters. It’s really amazing to find a friend with the same hobby and share the same creative dream. I have been thinking to start a business to sell my stuff but my friend has planned the same thing and she is almost there. Oh, forget to mention, we know each other through internet and we have never met but just like found a lost sister after so many years. She does not have a blog, so I cannot link or publish her photos but I will show how to make these button hair ties in this week’s project.

What you need are some metal button tools which include fabric cover buttons, button back (mine contain wire shank), button assembly tool (a 2 pieces plastic tool), fabric cover button template (optional), some fabric (ribbon of wider size is good too) and some elastic. I bought my button tools from, type in “cover button tool” or “fabric button tool” and you can find a lot of sellers with different options and price ranges. I picked up the 7/8″ one, size 36. Size of buttons range from 1/2″ to 1-7/8″, depends on how big you want the button to be. A bigger one can be used as a button pin too. I would recommend a size not too small. Otherwise, it is hard to see the pattern if you are using some printed fabric.

Steps to assembly:

1) Cut out a piece of fabric/ribbon which is bigger than the button. Using a button template is easier, especially if you are working with printed fabric. You can “estimate” how the button will look like.


2) Put the fabric on top of the bottom of the clear plastic assembly tool, press in the cover button.

3) Grab all the fabric outside the button tool and stuck in the middle of the tool and then press in the button back with the little pink cap on top until you hear a “pop” sound which means that the button back has already attached into the button cover. Basically, it almost finishes.

4) Tie an elastic band through the wire on the button back and it is done. No more than 5 minutes, a unique button hair tie is ready to use.

There are tons of variations by using different fabrics/ribbons, solid…printed…bigger ones…small ones…hair ties…hair pins…whatever you can think of. Then, your sweetie will have many little buttons to match with their clothes everyday.

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Midnight Cafe – Macaroni Salad

Midnight Cafe time again! Let’s have a simple one – Macaroni Salad. I really fall with the Hawaiian macaroni salad. It’s very simple but not easy to get the taste right. The secret is grated onion, not minced because it needs the liquid to make the salad tastes good. I have tried 3 different styles this time but all base on the basic Hawaiian mac salad.


Ingredients: (basic Hawaiian mac salad)

2 cups of elbow macaroni
1/5 onion (grated)
2 baby carrots (grated)
2 Tbsp of mayonnaise


1) Cook the elbow macaroni in a pot of boiled water for 10 minutes, then cover the pot and let it sit for 5 minutes. Macaroni will expand in size, drained and let it cool down.

2) Grate the onion and baby carrots, then add into the cool macaroni and mix well.

3) Add mayonnaise and mix well, taste before adding more seasoning. Sprinkle with grated baby carrots on top to serve.

2nd style: add cooked corns and sprinkle with a bit of black pepper on top.

3rd style: add 1 diced apple and sprinkle with a punch of cinnamon and brown sugar.