#TBCCrafters 4: Gift Box Made by Toilet Paper Roll

After a busy week of Thanksgiving week, it is time to resume the crafty soul. Before Thanksgiving, I have seen tons of stores/shops decorated for Christmas already. A lot of my friends shopped in Black Friday for Christmas gifts. I do not particularly do that but I did shop for kids’ clothes and some gifts items. For some gifts that I prepare, I need to find boxes or wrap up before I can give them out. For example, handmade earrings for my sister-in-laws do not come with gift boxes and wrapping with tissue paper is not presentable. This week’s craft idea is neat personalized and recycles household wastes. What you need is just toilet paper roll that you will definitely throw away after you have used the last piece of toilet paper, plus some wrapping paper and ribbons or embellishment.



1 toilet paper roll (or kitchen towel roll)

1 piece of wrapping paper, big enough to wrap around the paper roll

1 piece of ribbon


Steps to craft:

1) Press on the toilet paper roll and make it flat.

2) Measure 1/2″ from the top and the bottom of the paper roll in the middle and make a mark on both front and back.

3) Use the fingers to curve the paper roll inwards right at the marks of the 2 sides to form a pocket.

4) Cut the wrapping paper a bit longer and wider than the paper roll. Use glue to stick the wrapping paper on and wrap around the paper roll. Hide the excessive paper inside the paper roll pocket.

5) Tie a strip of ribbon and make a bow as decoration.

This is a very simple and useful craft that children can help out. There are numerous options for decoration other than a ribbon bow.

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10 thoughts on “#TBCCrafters 4: Gift Box Made by Toilet Paper Roll

  1. roseapowell

    There’s no longer a need for small jewelry boxes when you can make these!!! Love this, this would also be good for an advent calendar or small stocking stuffer gifts! Love it!


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