Midnight Cafe (Shinya Shokudo) @ Monday

Midnight Cafe (Shinya Shokudō) is a Japanese comic series. The first comic book launched in October of 2006 and is still being published. The 9th book  has just published in this month. The story of this comic series is about a small Japanese café in an alley of Shinjuku. The café opens midnight everyday and closes at 7am the next day. On the menu, there are only pork stew, beer, Japanese wine and rice wine but the owner/chef can cook whatever the customers request. Storytelling links with dishes. Most of the stories are very touching and reflect the facts of life.

Honestly speaking, the drawing style and characters are not my cup of tea but the various dishes are really attractive. All those are Japanese dishes that can be easily made at home. Each story will mention about the techniques to cook the dish.  Ever since the series launched, it arouses a lot of attention in the Asian community. Many of the bloggers have tried cooking the dishes appeared in the comic books. When you type in Shinya Shokudō, you may find a lot of blog posts about that.

Some months ago, 2 women in Hong Kong formed a bloggers hop called “Shinya Shokudōto cooks fun club” to link bloggers from various countries. Every Sunday midnight, a new blog post will be written and published by the bloggers in this bloggers hop. Each week, all the members will cook one dish and link all the posts together. The beauty and fun of this bloggers hop is the variety and creativity of each member. Even based on the same dish idea, each member will have his/her own way to cook and to serve. I have joined for a few months already and have cooked more than 10 dishes. All the recipes post in my other blog http://blog.yahoo.com/rose-mag. It is a blog in Chinese. I decide to write the English version and post in Girly Creation to share with more people. Cooking is also another kind of creation, isn’t it?

To allow myself some more time to rewrite the recipes in English, I will post the recipes on each Monday night. Hope that someone would find it interesting and fun.


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