#TBCCrafters 3: Making a rose with magazine paper

My computer crashed the third time in a month. Luckily, my hubby was using it each time and I won’t be blamed. You know, my guy usually thinks that woman is a killer to all electronics. Every time when the computer acts up, the first question is: “What you have done? What you have put in?” He keeps thinking that I must have downloaded some “toxic” apps or gone to some “horrible” sites. But, indeed, I did not even upload any of the photos about this crafts yet!!!!

OK, I finally got every photos uploaded through my laptop (it’s a pain, it ran so slow) and it took me forever to fine tune each of them. Rant over… I am here and get everything fixed. (Drum rolls please….) The 3rd TBC Crafters Hop project is making a rose with magazine paper. The cost is likely zero, assuming that you have tons of old magazines at home and you can steal your kids’ school glue. It can be used as an embellishement, a gift tag or coaster and many other options you can think of.

2 x 2.5″ diameter card-board paper circles
21 x 2″ square magazine paper
1 or 2 x tissue paper
Glue & scissors

1) Stuff the tissue paper, glue it on top of a piece of card-board paper circle.

2) Glue one piece of 2″ square magazine paper in the middle on top of the tissue paper. Then fold all the other paper squares into half to form triangles. Use 3 pieces of paper triangles to form a layer in the middle. Use 3 pieces of triangles each time and adjust the angles in each layer so that they look like rose petals.

3) Flip the rose over and cut out excessive paper, leaving only those wide enough to be folded over to the back and glued.

4) For the 2 pieces of leaves, take out the last 2 pieces of triangles, fold each of them in half, then fold the 2 sides to the middle of the paper and form a leave.

5) Glue the 2 leaves at the back and then cover it with the 2nd piece of card-board circle.

Adjusting the angles to arrange the paper triangles would give you different looks of roses. I have demonstrated 2 looks here. You can also use 4 pieces of paper triangles each time and start with a square in the middle, 5 pieces, 6 pieces and so…. There are tons of options.

I added a skinny elastic band at the back of the rose and it becomes an embellishment for a gift box.

You can also not using the tissue underneath the petals, let it finished flat. Then, laminates it and use as a coaster. My kids saw the 2 roses and dear son wants to add a stem to make it a nicer gift to the teacher. He knows what women like, isn’t he?

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