#TBCcraftes 2 – Felt & Ribbon Turkey Ornament

Time flies and it is time for the 2nd week of TBC Crafters Hop. Halloween has just passed and my family has a very good time, particularly the kids. Now, it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving. My kids’ school has already sent newsletter mentioning about Thanksgiving feast in school and holiday schedule. Although it may be still a bit early, there is no harm to set for the turkey.

This is a very simple craft idea which only requires simple stitching techniques. The finish product is about 4-1/2″(H) x 6″(W) and you can adjust to make it bigger or smaller as well as the color combination. I used different colors of felt circles for clear demonstration.


Material required:
2 x felt circles of 3″ diameter
2 x felt circles of 1.5″ diameter
5 x 2″ long of 3/8″ yellow ribbons
5 x 3″ long of 3/8″ orange ribbons
5 x 4″ long of 3/8″ royal blue ribbons
1 x 4″ long of 3/8″ red ribbon
1 x 3″ long of 3/8″ red ribbon
1 x 1.5″ long of 3/8″ yellow ribbon
Some batting for stuffing the head and body
Needles and threads (suggested to have matching threads)


1) Fold the 2″ yellow, 3″ orange and 4″ royal blue ribbons into halves and use needle and threads to stitch all 3 pieces together in the order of 2″, 3″ and 4″. The stitches do not need to be perfect as they should be all covered and hidden when finished. The 3″ red ribbon also folded into half and make a 30 degree angle when stitching together. This red ribbon will be the turkey’s wattle. The 1.5″ yellow ribbon is twisted to form a triangle in the middle and it will be the beak of the turkey.


2) Put the 2 x 3″ felt circles together and starts stitching, then add the 4″ red ribbon on the top of the turkey body, then sew the 5 x 3-in-1 ribbons in between the 2 pieces of felt circles as the tails of the turkey.

3) Use the 2 x 1.5″ felt circle to form the head of the turkey. Use some black thread to embroider an eye for the turkey. Sew the wattle and beak in between the 2 felt circles and leave about 1″ of opening. Stuff the batting into the head part, sew it closed after putting sufficient batting inside.

4) Stuff in the batting to the turkey body and stitch the head and the body together.


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